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Tips for Writing a Resignation Letter

Resignation letter is a formal notification letter written in order to inform an employer that an employee is leaving the organization. It is written by the employee who has decided to terminate his services from his current company. It is most likely addressed to the human resource manager, head of the department or some other higher authority. A perfectly worded business resignation letter leaves the door of your current organization open for future even after your end of employment.

Professional and positive letters serve dual benefit. Firstly, your former employer will provide you a reference for your future and secondly a properly handled resignation will help you to leave your current organization on good terms. If you are confused how to write it or searching samples and examples of such letter online, we have the solution. We have presented best tips to compose an effective resignation letter.

  • Compose it on your official letterhead to make your communication professional and authentic.
  • Draft an outline of all the pertinent points that you want to include in it.
  • Keep your resignation letter simple, succinct, and focused. Write it in positive, professional and polite manner.
  • Write it in semi or complete block style business letter writing format.
  • Put the current date on which you send it to your employer.
  • Make a short and snappy subject line to convey the exact purpose of your writing in first look.
  • State the purpose of tour letter in the opening lines. Mention that you are resigning in simple language without ambiguity.
  • Include all the pertinent information such as date of resignation, date of last working day, notice period and so on in the first paragraph.
  • Expand your points in the middle paragraph that you have already mentioned in the first paragraph.
  • Provide a rational reason of your decision in professional manner such as change in current place, career change, higher studies, starting your own firm, etc.
  • You are writing this to leave your current organization so there is no point in criticizing your current employer or your job.
  • Express your gratitude in the last paragraph. Appreciate your employer for providing you an opportunity to work with him. Write a thank you note to your colleagues and managers for their support and cooperation.
  • Include some positive statements in the end, for instance, you have learned a lot in your current organization, this working experience meant a lot for your career growth or something similar to it.
  • Wish luck to your entire organization and request them to contact you if they require any assistance of yours.
  • Proofread it carefully and fix the spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Put your signature on the final document and hand it over to the recipient.

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