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Advertising Letter Sample, Template, Format and Tips

Advertising Letter Sample, Template, Format and Tips
Advertising Letter Sample and Tips

A formal letter is written by the company representatives to the prospective customers to inform them about the products, offers and schemes of the company. It is a part of the Marketing and advertising campaign. An advertisement letter plays an important role in building and maintaining the brand image of the company.

In the post are sample letter for advertisement, advertisement letter format, advertising letter example template and format. It also includes advertising letter tips that will help you in advertising letter format.

Tips to write an Advertising Letter

Your customer is a member of your family. Make sure that you write the letter in a way that this feeling of belongingness is expressed well to the customers.

All the offers and discounts should be mentioned clearly and creatively. Reduce the mounting numbers of terms and conditions. Keep it concise and crisp.

You can use pamphlets and digital posters as an addition to your letter to make it easier and captivating.

You should end the letter with a note of hope and thankfulness that the customer’s loyalty to your brand will be maintained.

At the end, proofread to avoid any mistakes.

Sample Advertising Letter Format


Sustainable Apparels

Store no. 45-46, Good Hope Area

California, United States of America

Date: September 28, 2022


Ms. Sara Roy

123, Street no. 50

California, United States of America

Subject: Offers, sales and discounts for customers.

Dear Ms. Sara Roy,

We at Sustainable Apparels are pleased to inform you that we will be having a Thanksgiving Special Sale in the month of December. There is a flat 50 percent off on every brand. We believe you would benefit greatly from purchasing from us. We are where you will find the best prices and discounts with the line of clothing that is classic and trendy.

We hope you will be present for the sale. We officially welcome you to the Green family here at Sustainable Apparels.


The team

Sustainable Apparels

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