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Tips for Writing Effective Job Resignation Letter

Here are some tips for writing effective job resignation letter.

  • Compose it on your official letterhead as this is an official correspondence between an employee and employer.
  • Write it in the block or semi block style business letter writing format even if you are doing this through email.
  • Keep the tone of the letter polite, professional and pleasant irrespective of your reason of resignation.
  • Make brief note including all the pertinent details for instance, the name of the recipient, precise explanation for resignation with its effective date, exact date of last working day and so on.
  • Write your name, designation, organization, address and contact detail on the top followed by the same information of the recipient.
  • Enter the current date on which you send it to the recipient.
  • Make a short and snappy subject line to convey the purpose of your letter in first look.
  • State the purpose of your writing in the opening paragraph. Clearly inform your employer that you are resigning from your current job position within the company. Spell out the exact date of your leaving.
  • Do not write any negative comment as there is no point of leaving on bad terms. Positive remarks about the organization, employer and co workers will be helpful for your future network.
  • Thank the entire management and board for providing you the opportunity to work in their company. Express your appreciation and gratitude to your colleagues for their support in the last paragraph.
  • Write best wishes for the future of your current organization and thank the recipient in the end.
  • Close it with a formal valediction and put your signature.

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