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Job Resignation Letter

Job resignation letter is a formal notification written by an employee who no longer wants to continue working in his current company. It is most likely addressed to the human resource manager, head of your department, your boss or some other higher authority. If you want to stop working in your current organization you have to inform them formally in written document. It covers the reason why you want to terminate yourself from the company, last working day and duration of notice period and other pertinent details regarding your decision.

Irrespective of your reasons for resigning, write a positive and professional letter of resignation to leave on good terms. It also serves as a legal document so draft it with great care.

Sample Job Resignation Letter


Ms. Kelly Lynn

Manager Marketing

Lopez Fabric Industry

78 Stoneham Road

California 7668


Mr. Johnson Bridge

Manager Human Resource

Lopez Fabric Industry

78 Stoneham Road

California 7668

Date: 4 July, 2014

Subject: Job Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. Bridge,

I am writing this as an official notice to inform you that I am resigning from the position of Manager Marketing that I have in Lopez Fabric Industry. The reason behind my decision is that I have decided to start my own Financial Solution firm in partnership with my brother.

That was my dream since childhood to start my own firm and finally I am on the way to achieve my long awaited dream. With regards to this, this letter will serve you as my formal resignation and I would like to inform you that my last day as employee of Lopez Fabric Industry will expire on 19 March, 2014 that is after two weeks from today.

I would like to share that it is a privilege working in Lopez Fabric Industry and I am truly thankful to all the board members for providing me this opportunity to learn and gain experience in such a great professional environment. Please contact me on 00-000-000, if you need my assistance, I would be happy to get contacted. Thank you for your support and consideration.


Kelly Lynn

Manager Marketing

Lopez Fabric Industry

Given Below are a few Resignation Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Resignation Letter due to Pregnancy
Resignation Letter due to Child Care

Employee Resignation Letter
An employee resignation is written when an employee wants to submit his/her.

Teacher Resignation Letter
A teacher resignation letter as its name says it is written to inform a school or education.

Email Resignation Letter
An email resignation letter deals with the same format as a traditional resignation letter.

Nursing Resignation Letter
A nursing resignation letter is written by those who want to resign the post of a nursing treatment.

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