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Teacher Resignation Letter

A teacher resignation letter as its name says it is written to inform a school or education authority about the resignation of a concerned teacher. Generally, the letter is written by a teacher who needs resignation for some professional or the personal reasons. Such type of letter should be written in a formal way as you are addressing a respective education authority. The letter should carry the reason of your resignation from the job.

The example provided here a teacher writes this resignation letter in order to inform the head authority about the resignation. The letter also provides the reason of this letter.

Teacher Resignation Letter Example


James Ingram
Teacher, Brokenshire College
23 Fellow Drive
Ontario, Canada


Mr. Eugene North
Dean, Brokenshire College,
34th Avenue
Ontario, Canada

Subject: teacher resignation

Dear Mr. North,

Please consider this letter as my request of resignation from the post of a teacher in this school. I have made a great memory with this place and I am feeling very sad to write this letter. As my family shifted to Canada, I have to leave this job and hope you would understand my problem.

The effective date of the resignation will be on 12th Dec, 2014 as my flight is scheduled a week after. I have also arranged a job there and I need to resign from this work. During my tenure, I have learnt a lot and improved my school. For me, this place is my second family.

I would like to thank you for all your support.

I am waiting for your response.

Best regards,

James Ingram

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