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Email Resignation Letter

An email resignation letter deals with the same format as a traditional resignation letter and here, an employee writes an email about his resignation to inform the concerned department of a company. The letter should cover up all the details that you need to include in your letter and of course maintaining a formal writing style. You can explain your reason of taking such decision in a polite way. An email resignation letter is a way to inform the concerned authority about your leaving permanently.

A particular example shows that an employee writes this letter to the concerned authority about his resignation from the post of a secretary.

To: [email protected]

cc: [email protected]


Subject: Resignation

Mr. Johnson, Paramount CEO,

I regret to inform you that I tender my resignation from the post of company secretary from Paramount Enterprise. My last date of work will be effective on February 3, 2015. I have already informed the HR department about this resignation matter.

The reason behind this decision is that I am offered a job which I think is good for my career and there are lots of opportunities as well. I would like to thank you for your support for the 8 years that plays a great role in improving my skills.

Wish you all the best for your future dealing.

Yours truly,

Barney Jackson

Company Secretary

Paramount Enterprise

Given Below are a few Resignation Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Resignation Letter Due to Misconduct and Misbehavior of Boss
When you work with an organization, you know that there can be different solutions under which a person has to resign.

Job Resignation Letter
Job resignation letter is a formal notification written by an employee who no longer wants to continue working in his current company.

Employee Resignation Letter
An employee resignation is written when an employee wants to submit his/her.

Teacher Resignation Letter
A teacher resignation letter as its name says it is written to inform a school or education.

Nursing Resignation Letter
A nursing resignation letter is written by those who want to resign the post of a nursing treatment.

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