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Congratulation Email to Friend on Setting Business

There is nothing as beautiful and joyous as seeing your friends grow and achieve the dreams, they have been telling you about. Wish your friends the best on them starting a new journey by setting up of business by writing an email to them.

In this post are sample letters of congratulation email to friend on a new business, business success congratulation mail and congratulations email example. These templates of Congratulation email for new business opening will help you draft an email with minimal effort.

Sample Congratulation Email to Friend on Setting Business

To: [email protected]

Subject: Congratulations on setting a new business

Dear Jack,

Hey best friend. How are you doing? I hope this finds you well. I am literally on cloud nine right now. I am so proud of you. Starting up your dream business is all that I have ever heard from you whenever I asked you about your career. And it is all finally happening!!

Your dream of setting up an automobile manufacturing business has finally come true. I am coming to celebrate this joy with you at the end of this month. I want to know every detail about this, tell me literally everything. This literally the best news I have ever received and I am so happy.

You know, the most beautiful moments are the ones when you hear people talk about the things you love and bigger than that is the joy of seeing them actually achieving those dreams. For now, I am sending you gifts packed with my wishes and love. Tell Champ that uncle Dan misses his little buddy. I love you David and I am so proud of you.
I will see you super soon!

Best wishes,


July 10, 2022

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