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Email to your Friend Describing the Bad Effects of Smoking

email to your friend to describe the bad effects of smoking
Email describing the bad effects of smoking

We all know that cigarette smoking is injurious to health but still some of us end up smoking. If you also have a friend who has picked up this bad habit of smoking tobacco then you must take some time out to write email to your friend describing the bad effects of smoking. Writing an email describing the bad effects of smoking might prove to be helpful in convincing him or her to give up on this injurious habit.

If you are not sure how to write an email to your friend informing him about the harmful effects of smoking then we have included a sample email to help you create a personalized email to your friend.

Write an email to your friend describing the bad effects of smoking

Dear Susan,

Hope my letter finds you in good health and spirits. I just came to know that after joining the university, you have started smoking. It came as a shock to me because never in the wildest of my dreams I could think that you would pick up this bad habit.

Time and again we have heard that smoking is extremely injurious to health. It has serious adverse effects on our lungs as well as heart that can lead to various diseases in our system. People having the habit of smoking have found to have been diagnosed with diseases like cancer. Smoking is a slow killer that gradually reduces your stamina and damages your lungs beyond repair. It is fortunate but it is a fact that it ultimately leads to death of the person. Not only the person who is smoking but also his or her family suffers in this whole process.

I am writing this letter to specially request you to give up on this bad habit as it is not going to do any good to you. If you will continue to smoke then it is going to badly affect your health. I really hope to meet you soon and I will be more than happy to know that you have given up on smoking. There is so much to do in life and there is so much happiness around you, don’t let smoking ruin it for you.



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