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Sample Format of Circular for no Smoking in Office

Circular for no Smoking in Office, No Smoking Memo Sample Format
Sample of Circular for No Smoking

A no-smoking circular shall be displayed and distributed in every responsible organization to inform any new people that enter the premises that smoking is strictly not permitted in your office. This Sample of Circular for no Smoking states the hazardous consequences of smoking and warns the reader that strict action will be taken if they do not abide by this rule. This circular should be issued for both environmental and legal reasons.

Circular Format for No Smoking can be downloaded from below:

No Smoking Memo Sample Format

This organization strictly prohibits smoking on office premises. This is done to protect the health of our non-smoker employees, our customers as well as our environment. Smoking is seriously injurious to health and can damage your lungs over time. It has serious impacts on the body and can even lead to cancer. To avoid such adverse circumstances, no employee should be found smoking in common areas of the office like the cafe, staircase, restrooms, lifts, hallways, cabins, or anywhere on the premises.

This policy bans the smoking of tobacco products as well as the use of oral tobacco products.

These rules and regulations are to be obeyed by all employees in the organization and strict action will be taken against those who fail to abide by these restrictions.

It is our moral duty to protect our environment and contribute to the safety of all employees at the workplace. Hence, every single employee has to follow this policy regardless of their position. All employees must follow our ‘NO SMOKING POLICY’.

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