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Letter to Customers Regarding COVID 19

COVID-19 Letter to Customers, Coronavirus Letter Format
COVID-19: A Letter to Our Customers

In these difficult times when the whole world is affected by Chinese virus and economies are suffering, writing a letter to your customers is a good idea to stay connected. Amidst the spread of COIVD-19, keep in touch with your customers and clients with letters that explain your company’s working and also check on their well-being.

Here is the sample letter to our clients. You can use this format for letter to our customers to write your own letter amidst corona pandemic.

Format for Letter to Customers Under Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Raj Goenka
Universal FMCGs

Date: April 28th, 2020


Mr. Varun Sharma
Himalayan Stores

Dear Mr. Sharma,

In the challenging coronavirus pandemic situation, the whole world is getting affected and so are our businesses. When everything is under lockdown and economies have slowed down, we thought of reaching out to our customers and sharing the updates on the working of our business.

Before sharing updates on the working, we would like to mention that anyone who is affected from the virus, directly or indirectly, is in our prayers and we wish them speedy recovery.

Being an FMCG company, we are dedicated to provide our products and services to everyone and we are taking all possible measures in accordance with health and safety of our employees as well as our communities.

We have opted for work from home model for all those who don’t require to come to office and can manage their work online. At the same time, we also have employees who are regularly coming to factories and taking care of supply chain management but these employees are those who have agreed to stay at the factory to reduce probability of getting infected with the virus. All the steps are taken to keep them safe. Every day before starting with the work, the staff members are sanitized and are given masks and gloves before they start with their work.

We are also focusing on maintaining social distancing as all meetings are conducted online. Management meets online every morning and evening to discuss on the progress of work and take care of the challenges that surface.

Together with our team, we are working hard to make sure that the production levels are as expected and there is no scarcity of our products. We have ensured timely payments to all our employees and vendors who are standing with us in these challenging times.

Customer service and trust have always been the values our company has cherished and today, we are working together to contribute to the country by offering our services without any obstacles.

We will be happy to hear from you. We will look forward for your suggestions and feedbacks. We again wish you wellness and safety.


Raj Goenka
Universal FMCGs

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