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Sales Certificate Template Format for Vehicle

Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle, Certificate Format
Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle

The sale certificate template for vehicles is necessary because it forms a mandatory document when a vehicle is sold. A sample sale certificate format includes important and exclusive details about the vehicle which include the name of the vehicle along with its engine number and chassis number which form its unique identity.

In this post, we have come up with a Sales Certificate Template Format for Vehicle to help you understand and use the format as per your subjective needs for selling the vehicle.

Sales Certificate Format for Vehicle

For Registration

Address: 15, Lodha Institution Area, Delhi


Sales Certificate:

Invoice No: 21/12345                                                                      Certificate No.: 123456

Dated: 12/04/2021                                                                           Dated: 12/04/2021

Certified that we have delivered one unit of brand new Mahindra Excess XS 210 FFS EII 800 CC year of manufacture 2021. The model 2015 bears the following chassis and engine number:

Chassis No: XS 210 DL 123456                                                      Engine No.: DL 123456

We certify that we have assembled the vehicle and all the Government dues like Sales Tax, Custom Duty etc. that were applicable on the vehicle mentioned above have been cleared.

Form F

Refer section 16(1) of Motor Vehicle Act, 1939 document that requires to be furnished by authorized assembler or maker in case of the transport vehicle other than the motor cabs.

Certified that     Mahindra Excess XS 210 FFS EII 800 CC

Bearing the chassis number and engine number mentioned above has been designed for the maximum weight capacity as mentioned below:

Maximum Laden Weight:                                   Maximum Weight Front Axle:

Maximum Weight Rear Axle:                            Maximum Weight and other Axle:

Tyres Front Wheels:                                            Tyres Rear Wheels:

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