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Request Certificate Format of Origin from Chairman

Request Certificate Format of Origin from Chairman
Request Certificate of Origin from Chairman

Due to certain reasons, if your identity is not clear then the onus of proving your identity becomes a difficult task. Having a certificate of origin in such a situation can save you from the hassles. Write a Request Certificate Format of Origin from Chairman that can make the carrying out of duties easier. You can look for the certificate of origin online.

We have come up with a sample letter Requesting Certificate of Origin from Chairman. You can use this certificate template to create your personalized letter.

Format for Request Letter for Certificate of Origin From Chairman


Mathew Law

56, Richmond Park,

New York


The Manager,

Excel Chamber of Commerce

New York

Sub: Requesting the Certificate of Origin from Chairman

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to request for the certificate of origin. I, Mathew Law, am a new employee of Excel Chamber of Commerce. I have been deployed for taking and passing all the shipments for the proximity. I understand that it has been just a couple of weeks since I have joined the job but on daily basis, I am suffering with the issue related to my identity as a person as well as a worker in the organization.

Whenever I have to collect the shipment, I have to prove my identity to the concerned staff time and again which becomes embarrassing as well as inconvenient for me. Therefore, I am writing this request letter to request you to please issue me the Certificate of Origin so that I can have the work going with any complications to prove my identity.

Thanking in anticipation for you time and consideration.


Mathew Law

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