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Sorry Letter to a Friend

Many a times it happens that you end up fighting with your friend and then later you realize your mistake. Remember there is nothing wrong in disagreeing but there is surely nothing right in not realizing your mistake and not asking for forgiveness. Friendship is one relationship wherein you can be your true self and in case you have hurt a dear friend of yours because of your inappropriate behavior or harsh words then you must apologize to him or her at the earliest by writing a well framed sorry letter to your friend.

If you don’t know how to begin writing a good sorry letter to a friend then follow the example template given below. Keep the tone simple and polite. Do not use too heavy words. They key to write a good apology letter is to speak your heart out in the simplest of the words.

Example of Sorry Letter to a Friend

Dear Jenny,

I am extremely sorry for the way I behaved with you at my party last night. I realized it later that I actually ignored you being the host of the party and also your dear friend. Trust me it wasn’t intentional as I had so many things to take care of. I am feeling so bad because you are my best friend and I failed to attend to you at my birthday celebration.

You are a wonderful person and I adore you the most. Your friendship is really important to me and my life and I really hope that because of my stupidity, you will not let our relationship suffer. It was my immaturity that I did not give you the attention you deserved and I am feeling really very bad about it. Please believe me; I will not let that happen again.

Please forgive me as it was my first mistake and I will make sure that it is my last mistake too.

I am so sorry.



Given Below are a few Sorry Letter samples for a clearer Idea :-

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Sorry letter is the best way to convey your apologies to your boyfriend.

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Be it professional or personal life, we all make mistakes but only few know

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When you are in love, you feel like you are on cloud number

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We all make mistakes and there is nothing wrong in it.

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