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Sorry Letter to Boyfriend

Sorry letter is the best way to convey your apologies to your boyfriend. Genuine and cordial apologies definitely work in your favor as true tears of regret can wash all your faults and mistakes. It is always difficult to convey your regrets verbally. The most intimate way to apologize is to send a heartfelt letter. A hand written letter of sorry demonstrates your regret in an effective manner for a particular situation that went wrong.

It communicates that you have accepted your faults just to strengthen the relationship. However, promptness matters a lot in these cases. You may write it if you have deliberately or innocently hurt your boyfriend. If you have taken some decisions against his wish, this letter will help you in that situation too.

Sample Sorry Letter to Boyfriend


Ms. Jennet Hodgson

7/56 Pathways Avenues

Rogers Garden Road

Denver DF 7990


Mr. Victor Jackson

4 Southern Apartments

Yellowwood Drive

Denver SA 8075

Date: 5 July, 2014

Subject: Sorry

My Dear Vic,

My heart is pounding and it takes a great effort to write you all this. It was never difficult for me to write you a love letter. I have written thousand romantic letters to you but this is something very painful for me. I know you love me and you really want me to stay with you but it is impossible for me.

Vic I am sorry, I am going to New York to explore the new horizons of life. Though it is not easy for me to take this decision, our last few fights have forced me to take some harsh step. I over with it, sorry I am done with this relationship. I have no courage to bear your often ignorance and violent behavior.

You have all the rights to curse me. I have tried a lot but can’t bear all this. I have kept the second keys of your apartments into your door letterbox. You will find your gifts, letters, cards and almost every token of love in your bedroom. In the end I just want to tell you that you are still very special for me, you are my first love. But I am extremely sorry. Wish you all the very best for your future.

Forever yours,


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