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A Letter to my boyfriend Who Cheated On Me | Breaking up with a Lying

break up letter to cheating boyfriend

When trust is broken in a relationship, it is not easy to move ahead with the association. If your boyfriend has cheated on you then you can never trust him again and ending that relationship is always the wise thing to do. Writing a breakup letter to cheating boyfriend helps you put across all your thoughts and feelings which are otherwise so difficult to express in a situation like this.

We bring to you a sample letter to my cheating boyfriend which you can use as reference for writing a personalized letter to him.

Breakup Letter to Cheating Boyfriend Example


I am not sure whether I am ready to put across my feelings to you but I know one thing that I must share what is going on inside me because if I don’t say it now, I will not be able to say it ever.

From last couple of months, I had a strong feeling that something is not right and I asked you the same so many times because this relationship meant everything to me. I made honest efforts to know the problem between us so that we can work out what is not going right. Every relationship has problems and phases and it depends on us how we want things to make work. If it is important, we make efforts and if it is not, we simply let it go. And with you, I felt that you never wanted to make it worth because you simply let go what I said, what I did.

I have given my three years to it and I trusted you with everything. When you said you love me, I felt it was all true but now I have realized that they were words without feelings. For you, it was a casual association. Now that I know that you have been cheating on me, all of it means nothing. I would have appreciated if you would have come to me and told me that you want to end it rather than cheating on me. Now I feel that the person I loved the most was someone else because I don’t think I can fall in love with a person like you who is so insensitive and has no guts to speak his heart.

But now as you have decided what you want, there is just no point dragging this dead relation any more. I feel you had walked out of it months back and it was just me who was trying to make things work. From now on you are all free from the guilt to spend time with me as I am no longer a part of your life. And I really hope that have found your true love and you don’t cheat on your new girl.

I thank God for showing me your true face.



Given Below are a few Break up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Break Up Letter to Boyfriend
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