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Emotional Break up Letter

An emotional break up letter conveys your emotions and the message of your separation without being interrupted. Informing your lover that you have chosen a different path is the most complex task in the world. You decide to breakup when you feel something wrong has happened that cannot be rectified or there is some helplessness forcing you to put an end to your emotional bonding with your partner. The next big thing you are required to do after your decision of break up is to inform your partner that you are breaking up.

It is but obvious that you are in deep pain as you are going to live without your love and telling this in person is quite impossible for you. By writing a breakup letter, you can actually express all your feelings.

Sample Emotional Break up Letter


Ms. Kate Lynch

34, Mall Avenues

4, Hatchway Streets

California 68898


Mr. Mark Hanks

56 Reed Apartment

45 Mild Road

California 35476

Date: May 23, 2014

Dear Mark,

Honestly, I am crying like anything, I am not able to control my tears. I have no hold on my pounding heart beats. I am writing this letter to inform you that I am going to London. This is the end of our emotional bond. For the years of our relationship, I thought you are the one for me but sadly to say our dream to be together forever is no longer possible. We are two different poles.

Our relationship is not working anymore. I hope you understand dear. I wanted to tell to this since a long time, but my deep love for you has congested me from saying this. But now I am unable to handle this pain of my heart, I have no choice but to go a different way. That is why I am going to London. This is best way to handle this separation.

There is something that I have been hiding from you since we are together. I don’t want you feel the pain that I am going through. I want you to go ahead in a better life. I know you love me a lot but I want a normal life for me. I would request you start looking for someone else and try to forget me. I hope you understand.

Yours Loving


Given Below are a few Break up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Writing a break up letter is not an easy task as handling with the situation is very painful. But if the relationship is not very old and there is no cordial bond or you have not ventured too.

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There is no such blessing as living in a true love relationship but sometimes situations, ill feelings, some helplessness or even betrayal forces you to break the bond of love with your lover.

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It is not easy to break up your relationship and if you are forced to end a long relationship this turns to the most horrible thing you are supposed to do.

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