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7 Tips to Writing a Love Break up Letter

We have provided a few tips to guide you to write your own breakup letter.

  • Write down a short and rational letter. Convey your emotions and the message of breakup in a reasonable and meaningful manner.
  • Do not start your letter by mentioning about what went wrong. Rather start with how much you love your partner and how helpless you are.
  • Never sign off without giving a rational and legitimate reason of split. This is your partner’s first and basic right to know the reason of the break up. What so ever the reason might be, give a brief detail about the reason of separation.
  • Do not be shaky while you write about your relationship. Avoid being portrayed as heartless.
  • Never write anything that gives your partner any false hope. Make him/her understand that you have decided to go on a different path.
  • Playing the blame game is not allowed in the love break up letter. You are writing this letter just to inform that you are no more in the relationship because of so and so reason. So never put all the blame on your partner.
  • You can add some sentence to express your gratitude or your apologies about something you have done wrong in the relationship.

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