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8 Tips to write an Emotional Break up Letter

Follow these tips on how to write a emotional break up letter to compose you own without any confusion.

  • Write a precise letter. Try to convey your message and your emotions in a short and meaningful letter as no one wants to read long breakup letters.
  • Start with what feel exactly about your decision of desperation and the message that you are going to end up.
  • Give a reasonable and meaningful reason of your separation as that will help your partner to understand the real message that you wanted to convey.
  • Never place all the blame on your partner’s head. No one on this planet is perfect. Give rational reason why you have decided to split without make him/her an evil.
  • You have right to put all your points in a civilized manner. It is possible that your partner may call you a heartless human in spite of that mention all your points honestly.
  • Never add any sentence that makes you uncertain about your relationship. Write your letter in way to make your partner understand clearly that you are firm on your decision and there is no chance of change in your decision.
  • Encourage your partner to move on with his/her life.
  • You can show your gratitude for him for his/her nice deeds or you can apologies for your mistakes that you have done in the relationship.

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