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8 Tips to Write a Sad Break up Letter

Here are some tips on how to write a sad break up letter to guide you with the same.

  • Bade adieu to everything you once shared as a couple in the letter.
  • Give valid reason of the breakup. It may be due to differences and constant arguments or simply because of traveling apart and not being able to maintain long distance.
  • Though breaking up with your girlfriend/boyfriend is never an easy task, hold your anger. Even if you have a lot of hard feelings for your lover, handle the final end with ease.
  • The language of your letter should be respectful and caring. But it does not have to be sugarcoated as it will come off as cynical in that case.
  • Add some light and optimistic sentence, for instance you can write that you will meet and discuss about this separation after some time.
  • As honestly is the best policy, write down only the necessary points.
  • In any case do not offer any false hope as it will be harmful for you as well as for your partner.
  • Conclude your letter with best wishes or end it how you want them to remember you.

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