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9 Tips for Writing an Funny Break Up Letter

Here you will finds some tips to help you writing funny break up letter.

  • You may list down all the things you do not like about your partner. Be honest while writing those. If you planned to write a light heated break up letter express all your dislikes nicely and softly.
  • Your tone should be understanding and compassionate. It will be of no use when you write a break up letter and you would not have someone who loved you turn into someone who hates you.
  • You are not the perfect creation of God so do not place blame solely on your partner for the breakup. You are no one to decide that the other person is not good or not deserving, you can simply express your disinterest in the relationship.
  • There may be a lot of things you do not like about him/her or certain bad things about your relationship that you have contributed. So be fair and generous.
  • Though you are required to write down the reason of your break up, never turn rude or insulting about your partner.
  • Always give a truthful explanation. Your partner at least deserves this. But never give an irrational explanation, come up with a legitimate reason for why you are no longer interested in the relationship.
  • Let your partner know that you have tried a lot to continue the relationship and now there is no hope of patch up. This will help you to make your partner understand that you are firm and sure about your decision.
  • Never compare your relationship with others.
  • End the letter on a positive note. Mention things like he/she deserves a good partner and that person is on the way.

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