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Funny Break Up Letter

Writing a break up letter is not an easy task as handling with the situation is very painful. But if the relationship is not very old and there is no cordial bond or you have not ventured too deeply, a funny break up letter can help you in easing the pain or embarrassment of break up. If you have the same situation and you have decided to get separate it will be better to inform your girlfriend/boyfriend about your decision.

If you are not willing to tell him/her about this in person you can write a letter to inform. This way your break up will be less complicated if you are not very much serious with the relationship and hopefully your partner has the same feeling. Funny break up letter is the best tool to make your break up lighthearted.

Sample Funny Break Up letter


Mr. Denial Sesser

67/2 Gold Lane

89 Yorkers Drive

Dillsburg SE 787879


Ms Samaria Doe

545 Pink Square

Mailto Streets

Dillsburg SE 76766

Dear Samaria,

I would like to thank you for the tiger lilies you have send me last Sunday. Well, I like tulips and tiger lilies usually turn me off. You are a nice person in fact a great person but you are not my type of girl and I am not interested in you anymore. You were simply great when we met for the first time in the summer camp. I loved your painting and thought you were also vibrant and bright like your paintings. That was a serious mistake of mine.

You love grey color and I love red, you love chicken and I love seafood. The way you do your hair you look like a lazy sparrow and the way you wear a yellow blazer on orange pants, have no words to tell that how horrible you look. Anyways I have a long list to mention but it is of no use as we are not going to stay together. I feel you are of your kind of person and I am sure you are best for someone else. I hope that you will find your special guy very soon. In any case I am not able to handle that yellow blazer.

In the end I want to say sorry for all this and hope you can handle this situation with your paintings. You are really a good artist. And thanks again for the good time and I will always remember the summer camp.



Given Below are a few Break up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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It is not easy to break up your relationship and if you are forced to end a long relationship this turns to the most horrible thing you are supposed to do.

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