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Love Break up Letter Sample

There is no such blessing as living in a true love relationship but sometimes situations, ill feelings, some helplessness or even betrayal forces you to break the bond of love with your lover. When you find yourself in a condition where a break up is the only way out, thinking about how to inform your partner about your decision makes you restless.

Many a times it becomes very difficult to face the person and express about your decision to separate. In such a scenario, writing a breakup letter can truthfully say everything what you are feeling without being interrupted. It is the best way to express the sad news to your once anticipated soul mate.

Sample Love Breakup Letter


Mr. Walter Meyer

34 Garfield Walk

56 R Midland Streets

Bloomington 57898


Ms Jane Rose

67/3 Marry Apartments

Square Mall

Austin 569880

Date: May 23, 2014

Dear Jane

We have had such a lovely time together. Those were really good times, good laughs, funny moments and touching memories. But I am very sorry that there is nothing left which can be considered as a good thing about our relationship. There is something missing. I am in pain. You also know that we are avoiding each other from a month. I have been avoiding this moment but the time has come. I am sure that you know what I mean. We need to break up. I am not going to continue this relationship any further.

We don’t communicate like we used to. This is another reason why I have chosen to inform you about my decision in writing. I know you have no interest in me. This is all I have got to offer you in return of your silence and ignorance. Though, I am not able to handle this pain as I have loved you so deeply.

I admire you for your sense of confidence and self esteem. You always seem so cool and in control. This is your best quality. I have no shame to confess that I am not that confident. I am an emotional guy who was in love with you so madly and badly.

Well, I have no regret for this split. It is better for both of us. I wish you all the best.


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