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Break up Letter to Cheater

Writing a break up letter to your partner who has cheated on you is a complicated job. Breaking up itself a painful experience of life and writing someone who has cheated on you is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. When you come to know that your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse has cheated on you your world turns upside down. You feel like to say a thousand words but you found yourself incapable to meet or discuss in person. A break up letter to a cheating partner is the best way to inform him/her about your feelings.

When you decide to end your relationship, there must be unresolved feelings. A break up letter to a cheating partner can better express your emotions and feelings of hatred for your lover. This letter can make your cheater lover ashamed and guilty. It can be difficult to find the right way and manner.

Sample Break up Letter to Cheater


Mr. Peter Parra

56, Downing Lane

Morris Garden

Amsterdam 66676


Ms. Jessica Linn

56/4 Thither Drive

56 Eden Square

Amsterdam 66676

Date: May 22, 2014

Dear Jessica

It is quite impossible for me to address you with your name and that to a dear. You are cheater. Anyways this was the last time I am addressing you so it is fine with me. I am ending up our relationship. I am writing this letter to break up because I do not want to see your face not even want to hear you again.

You must be shocked but do be, I myself saw you dancing so passionately with your colleague Roger last night in Disco Pub. Well I have caught you so many times but I always forgive you for another chance to become loyal. Now I am sure you can never change. You were fooling me from one month.

You were on an official tour the whole week and were supposed to back after 3 days. When I saw you last night I felt so heartbroken. Now I simply do not to be in a relationship with a girl who has no character or moral values. However, this was not so easy for me because I love you from all my heart and soul. All I want is to end this relationship. Do not dare to contact me.


Given Below are a few Break up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Dramatic Breakup Letter Sample
Dramatic breakup letter are hyper emotional and dramatic in nature and some time full of rude and harsh words. When someone feels so disappointed and hurt, he/she get forced to write such letter.

Goodbye Break Up Letter Format
Good bye break up letter involves a lot of emotion and affectionate feeling. Though this letter carries the news of separation, it is able to deal with the situation in a much calm and tender manner.

Break up Letter to Husband
Writing a breakup letter to your husband is the most painful task. After years of married life it is quite impossible to take the decision of separation.

Break Up Letter to Girlfriend
Writing a breakup letter is the most convenient way to inform your girlfriend that you are no more interested in her and want to wrap up your relationship.

Break Up Letter to Boyfriend
Break up letters to a boyfriend are written by those girls who no longer want to continue their relationship with their guy.

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