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Romantic Letter to Boyfriend

When you are in love, everything changes. You feel like the most blessed person in the most beautiful world. It is something so intoxicating that you just cannot escape from its magic. You feel so helpless and you surrender yourself to your lover without any regrets. Well if you are also experiencing all these things then you must write down your feelings in a romantic letter to your boyfriend and express your emotions to him in the most beautiful way. There are lots of unsaid and unexpressed things that you must have missed and writing a letter is the best way to put all of them together and make him feel special.

If you wish to write a romantic letter to your boyfriend but you don’t know how to go about it then here is a template format to help you frame the most beautiful letter in the classiest way. Nothing beats the charm and value of a heartfelt romantic letter to your lover.

Example of Romantic Letter to Boyfriend

Dear Edward,

You are one person in my life to whom I love the most, more than anything else on the planet. You have been the most beautiful blessing in my life and I thank God for bringing us together. Now that I have found you, I will never let you go. I know there will be lots of ups and downs in our life, like every other couple, but I know that together we will be able to sail through the toughest times because our love for each other is so strong and pure.

I feel so happy to be connected to you. I feel like my world begins with you and ends with you. My life now revolves around you, your likes, your interests and so many things associated with you and I love them all. I feel like every passing day, I am falling for you and my feelings and my love for you is getting stronger day by day. I have never felt so happy and satisfied. No one has ever made me feel like the way you do. Your love, your touch, your teasing, your kiss, your tantrums, your words, your promises and your trust in me makes me feel the happiest girl on earth.

With you in my life, I can surely ask for nothing else. With you, even the most normal day feels like the most beautiful day. Thanks for coming in my life and I promise that I will always love you like crazy.



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