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Romantic Letter to Girlfriend

If you are planning to gift something exquisite and exceptional to your lady love then romantic letter to girlfriend is the best present you can give her. Sometimes expressing your feelings and emotions in words is the most thoughtful thing to do. Remember your love and expression of your love can really make your girl melt. This is something that she will not be expecting because these are the things of the past. But no matter how traditional it is to write a romantic love letter to your girlfriend, it is still very classy and sweet.

If you also plan to do the same, then make sure that you pick the right words to weave your feelings. Here is an example format of the same to help you write a customized letter to your sweetheart.  It expresses your feelings in the most beautiful words. She will surely appreciate your gesture.

Sample Romantic Letter to Girlfriend

Dear Sandra,

I h ad never believed in love, until you came in my life and changed all the stupid notions I had. When I met you, it felt like a spark between us. Everything just clicked and we shared the most stunning chemistry one could think of. I found my partner for life in you. You taught me to love and to be loved.  This was surely the most beautiful feeling that I experienced. Your love, care and concern has transformed my life for the good. I really feel like the luckiest man on the planet. That feeling of contentment makes me so happy from inside that I cannot even express in words.

I still remember the first time I saw you and it was pure magic. I could not take my eyes off you and I knew that you are the girl for me. The way you smiled at me, it was angelic. After that night, I could not control my feelings for you and finally I decided to propose you. I must confess that was damn scared about rejection but still somewhere I knew that you also like me. And now here we are, bonded with love. Today, you have become my life. I really thank God for sending such a sweet angel to my life who changed my life in the most beautiful way. I love you a lot and I don’t know how to weave my feelings into words.

Thanks a lot for coming in my life and thank you so much for making me fall in love.

Love you forever,


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