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Friendship Letter To A True Friend

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships. We choose our friends ourselves and they are closest to our hearts. During our life, we make many friends but only a few of them are our true friends who have always been there as our strongest support, who have helped us sail through the toughest times. Such gems are very few and are always valuable.

Given below is a beautiful friendship letter to a true friend. Write a lovely friendship letter to your special friend to express your love and feelings to him by weaving them in heart touching words. Here is a sample letter given for your reference.

Sample Friendship Letter To A True Friend

Julie Mars

22, Richmond Street,

New York 1234

Date: 05.05.16

Dear Julie,

I have been thinking of writing this letter to you since long. I was just wondering that we have been friends since the longest times and for all these years; you have always stood by me like the strongest pillar. Thank you so much for all your love, care and affection

I feel so fortunate and blessed to have you in my life. Since the times I have known you, you have always been so giving and caring. You have always given me all your time and company which means the world to you. It is because of your support that I could pass through the difficult phases in my school and college and till date when I am working, when I am professionally independent, you are one person whom I depend emotionally.

Whenever I am sad or I feel alone, just giving you one call makes my day. I know I can discuss any problem with you, I know you cannot solve those problems for me but just giving me all your ears makes me feel so special. Your advices, your support and your unconditional love have made me a stronger and more responsible person.

I know I have made you crazy with my longest talks, with my late night calls and my stupidities. I know I have never completed my projects on time and have always left them to you. I know I have always dependent on you to cook my meals in college. And I know that no one else could have ever done all of this for me except you.

I know I have not been the best friend to you. I know I don’t have the patience like you but one thing that I want to tell you is that you are a gem and I feel so lucky that you are part of my life. I am sorry for freaking you out with my stupidities. But I just want to tell you one thing that if ever God asks me that what would I want for my next life, I would say our friendship. You are truly a beloved, adorable and a friend for life.

Thanks for coming in my life and staying here. And I am never going to let you leave…ever!!!! Our friendship is forever.

Lots of love….

Always yours,


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