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Friendship Letter for Girlfriend

Every relationship begins with friendship. If you like some stranger then becoming friends with that particular person is the first thing to do. If you also like some girls in your college or school or at work and you don’t know how to become her friend then start with writing an informal friendship letter for girlfriend to make a new pal.

Given below is an example sample of friendship letter for girlfriend which you can utilize for creating a customized draft to send to the girl with whom you want to be friends. Use this template to create your own letter.

Sample Friendship Letter for Girlfriend

Julie Mars

22, Richmond Street,

New York 1234

Date: 06.04.16

Dear Ms. Julie,

I have heard a lot about you in college and I am finally writing this letter to express my interest in being friends with you. I had always wanted a helpful and caring friend who can understand and respect this beautiful bond of friendship.

I would like to introduce myself as a 21 year old boy studying in Department of Commerce and pursuing bachelor degree from the same university as you are in. I am quite a simple person and my friends tell me that I am very humorous. I love making people laugh with my sense of humor. I promise you that I would always be there by your side to listen to your problems, to share your sorrows and to celebrate your happiness. I assure you that you will enjoy my company and a wonderful association.

I always believe in giving cent per cent in a relationship and I always look for trustworthy friends and that’s why I am writing this letter to you. My friends from your department have praised a lot about you and I also feel that we share common interests and likings. So I thought of proposing my friendship to you.

I will be looking forward for a positive response from your side….



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