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Friendship Love Letter for Him

Friendship is like a rainbow of relationships. It is a beautiful blend of different kinds of associations which include love, care, and affection. If you are friends with a boy then he is the one who is closest to you; with whom you can share all the good and bad times; with whom you can speak your heart. This amazing relationship is a fusion of love and friendship.

If you want to express your love to him then write a warm and heartfelt friendship love letter to him to tell him what he means to you. Given below is a wonderful example sample of this informal letter which you can use to create your own.

Example of Friendship Love Letter for Him

Andrew Smith

22, Richmond Street,

New York 1234

Date: 28.04.16

Dear Andrew,

It still feels like we met just a few days or weeks ago but in reality it has been over a decade. You walked into my life like a strange and now you are my sweetest, dearest and most adorable friend with whom I can share anything in this world. You are the only one in the entire world with whom I can talk without any filter; I can speak what comes to my heart without having to think.

It is because of your affection, concern and care that I have been able to face all the tough times in life. You always stood by me, telling me what to do, helping me how to do the right thing. You never left me even when I shut you out. It is truly your patience and love for me that has kept us going for all these years.

Over all these years, our association of love has grown beautifully. We have reached a point wherein I don’t have to speak to tell you what I want and vice versa because we have connected so amazingly well that we simply know what the other one wants. The way in confide in you, I can never think of trusting anyone else like that because you have been so faithful towards our friendship. Not even once you have given me a chance to complaint or feel insecure about our relationship.

I want to tell you that you are the best person I have ever met. Your unconditional love and care is beyond expression. Thanks for everything that you did for me… from smallest act of waking me up at odd hours to study to guiding me through my tough phases of life…. Everything that you did for me means a lot to me.

We both are poles apart but despite all the differences, we love and respect each other for what we are and that is what makes our relationship so unique. I really pray to God that our friendship lasts for forever because finding a friend like me would be a serious task for you (HA-HA).

You are the sweetest friend I could have got. Love you lots…..

Lovingly yours


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