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Thank You Letter For Friendship

This is an irony of life that in the hustle bustle of life, we start taking the most important people of our life for granted. One such relationship is friendship which adds beautiful colors to our life but we forget to thank our friends who have brought happiness in our lives. If you also think that you should thank your dear friend then given below is a format for writing an informal thank you letter for friendship using which you can express your gratitude and feelings to your pal for all the love, support and care he or she has brought into your life. Customize this warm letter as per your need to write a beautiful letter to your buddy.

Thank You Letter For Friendship Sample

Julie Mars

22, Richmond Street,

New York 1234

Date: 25.04.16

Dear Julie,

It is very rare that you come across people with whom you connect so easily and bond so quickly. You are one such person in my life who has added many new shades to my life. The day when we met for the first time and today, many years have passed since then but with every passing day, our friendship has only got better and stronger. Together, we have seen many ups and downs and have grown with every challenge. We both have stuck together unconditionally and faced what life offered us.

I would like to thank you for coming in my life and fulfilling the void that has always been there. I had always longed for a friendship which is beyond conditions and expectations and is nurtured with trust and love. And when I met you, I just found what I had always wanted…. A true friend who is always there with me… a friend who is my strength and support… a confidant with whom I can share all my secrets and a soul which connects effortlessly with mine. You are surely one of the most beautiful persons I know and when I am with you, my heart feels so happy and contented.

I thank you for loving me from all your heart. I thank you for supporting me in my difficult times. I thank you for listening to my stupid thoughts, sharing my joys and sorrows. You have always been there for me; much before I asked you to be there. Thanks for making me feel so important and special. No words and no letters can express my love and feelings for you. Thanks for being an important part of my journey and adding life to my years.

I pray to God to bless our beautiful association forever. I pray for showering his love on us so that we stay together forever till eternity.

Thanks for everything. Love you loads and I will always be there for you.

Loads of love


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