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Wedding Anniversary Romantic Letter

Wedding anniversary is the most special occasion in a couple’s life. Writing a beautiful wedding anniversary letter for your spouse is the most perfect time to express your love to your partner. Nothing can mean him or her more than your feelings and emotions. In the fast paced life, we often forget to show our love to our partner but on wedding anniversary, don’t miss on the opportunity and make sure that you let your partner know that he or she means the world to you. Surprise your spouse with this gorgeous present.

If you are no sure of how to begin with such a letter, what to write in the body then don’t worry as there is an example format to help you frame the best romantic letter on anniversary for your spouse. Personalize it using your skills and bring a sweet smile on your partner’s face.

Sample Wedding Anniversary Romantic Letter

To my adorable wife,

Happy anniversary

It has been four years and it seems like we had just met a few days ago. This is the most special day of my life when we both married to each other. Since that day you have always been there by my side, supporting me through all the rough and good patches of my life. You have been my guiding force and my reason for existence. The most beautiful part of this association is the kind of understanding we have and the way our hearts connect. That always makes me feel that we were meant to be together. Our relationship is blessed by God.

On this day, when I look back, I find it the most beautiful journey of life. We have spent amazing times with each other, from candle light dinners on the pool side to movie marathons on our couch, from day picnics to romantic weekend holidays, soccer matches to dancing sessions. Despite being so different in our liking and choices, we have managed to be strongly bonded. Opposites really attract very well.  Our love grew stronger with every fight we had. Those break-ups and make-ups have been the most important times in our marriage. All these small fights and strong feelings of love have helped us make it a beautiful marriage.

I am proud to have you as my wife. The way you understand me, it is truly amazing. I could not have imagined for a better life partner than you. Love you my sweetheart and wish you a very happy anniversary.



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