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Sample Congratulation Letter for Anniversary of his Service

Writing a congratulation letter to someone on the anniversary of his service is a thoughtful thing to do. It is a beautiful way of acknowledging, appreciating and celebrating the service that person has rendered for a certain number of years.

We have come up with a sample congratulation letter for anniversary of his service which can be customized and used according to one’s needs. This congratulation letter example is all you need for drafting a personalized letter to send to someone for completing certain number of years of his service.

Format for Congratulation Letter for Anniversary of His Service


Henry Brown


Zenith Hospitality

New York

Date: January 24, 2024


Mr. Andrew Jacob

89, Hillary Apartment

New York

Dear Mr. Andrew,

On behalf of Zenith Hospitality, I would like to congratulate you on completing 20 years with us. It is truly an honor to have someone who has been associated with our company for such a long time.  It is with your unmatched commitment and passion that you have been able to bring smiles to so many faces and have made the stays of our guests memorable.

You have always given your work your topmost priority and that’s the reason, you have been awarded with so many awards in these 20 years of your service. You started working with Zenith Hospitality as an Executive and with your hard work, dedication and commitment, you have now become the Manager of Operations and this is truly a commendable thing.

You have inspired so many of our employees and have always motivated them to work hard. You have created a positive working environment at our hotel and have treated all the employees at work as a family. There are so many changes that you brought in the operations that have helped us move ahead in our success.

We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication with which you have worked each and every day. You always have been an asset to our company and you will continue to be an inspiration for everyone working at Zenith Technologies for the amazing work you have been doing for all these years.

It has been a fantastic journey of your service and we hope that you continue to serve our guests with your warmth and hospitality which makes us stand out.

Wishing you good luck for future.

Thanking you.


Henry Brown


Zenith Hospitality

New York

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