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Appointment Letter for Sales and Marketing Executive

If you have finalized a candidate for the profile of sales and marketing executive then you are supposed to be sending him or her an appointment letter that confirms the appointment as well as includes the terms and conditions associated with the appointment of the candidate. It is quite a simple letter and includes basic but important information related with appointment.

Here is the sample appointment letter for sales executive or offer letter for marketing executive which you can use for creating a customized appointment letter to send across.

Appointment Letter Format for Sales and Marketing Executive


Anthony Gibbs

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: December 11, 2023


Mr. Adam Brown

54, Henry Hills

New York

Sub: Letter of Appointment for Marketing Executive.

Dear Mr. Adam Brown,

We are happy to inform you that you have been selected for the post of Marketing Executive with Zenith Technologies. Your appointment will be effective from November 1st, 2023. You will be required to report to Mr. William Smith, Marketing Manager, at 10 am at the North Wing of the New York office.

Here are the terms and conditions of the appointment:

  • You will be on a probation period of three months which will start from the date of your joining. This period can be extended or cut short depending upon the performance of the individual and the discretion of management.
  • You will be entitled for a pay of $ 1500 per month during the period of probation.
  • You will not be entitled for any paid during probation period.
  • You will be entitled for a travel allowance of $ 200 every month.
  • Your placement on the project will be based on the decision by the management.
  • Either of the parties can nullify this contract by giving a notice of 10 days.
  • Your performance will be reviewed once the probation period has ended.
  • Once the probation period ends, you will be given a proper appointment letter with revised terms and conditions for your permanent employment.

You are requested to kindly sign and send the second copy of the same within one week of receiving this letter in order to confirm your appointment with Zenith Technologies.

If you have any other queries or doubts then you can always get in touch with the HR department at 9898989898.


Anthony Gibbs

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

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