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Appointment Thank You Letter

Appointment thank you letter is a formal letter written to express gratitude after an appointment is made. You can send this letter from a company or after a successful meeting with someone.

With a formal appointment thank you letter you can thank the management for selecting you. It will also work as your acceptance for that job. Sending such letters after your interview can generate a positive impact on your interviewer. It can certainly enhance your chances of landing that job as it promotes an optimistic attitude.

It is a simple letter of thankfulness and appreciation for the appointment made and for the success of the meeting so you can use it as an appreciation later.

Thank You Letter for Appointment Sample


Mr. Nelson Miler

Project Manager

Empower the Women

676, Blooming apartments,

Seldom Streets,

Canada 67998


Mr. Jensen Timberlake,

5465, lake view

656, Middle Lane

Canada 67998

May 13, 2014

Subject: Thank you letter after the successful meeting

Dear Mr. Timberlake,

I am writing this letter in order to express my gratitude for our meeting on 13 May, 2014. It was pleasant and informative. Your perceptive presentation contained several innovative ideas for the women empowerment as well us to create awareness about domestic violence.

I express my sincere admiration on behalf of our committee and invite you to continue to share your valuable expertise with us.

With your permission, I will notify you as soon as we schedule our next workshop for this cause. We will look forward for your kind presence. I will send you the invitation letter next week to schedule an appointment to discuss the further details regarding the workshop.

I am eagerly looking forward to meet you personally very soon.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Nelson Miler

Project Manager

Empower the Women

Given Below are a few appointment letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Sales Appointment Letter
Providing an appointment letter to the selected candidate is the next step after the offer letter. This is normally taken care by the human resource department of an organization.

Cancel Appointment Letter
A formal letter written to cancel an appointment is usually addressed directly to the person with whom the appointment has been made.

Appointment Request Letter
Appointment request letters are helpful while discussing highly sensitive information only with the concern person.

Appointment Letter Draft Template
Sample Appointment letter is the simplest layout of a letter to remind client/employer or others about a certain appointment that has been discussed and agreed upon in the past.

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