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Appointment Request Letter

Appointment request letters are helpful while discussing highly sensitive information only with the concern person. For instance, you can make an appointment with your doctor by speaking to a receptionist, but sometimes you feel the requirement to communicate directly to the doctor.

Here comes the need of a well written appointment letter. You can write a letter requesting for the appointment and also briefly inform the person about your suspicions or concerns. In the response of your request that person may answer in writing or he will call you. If it is just an appointment request or regular meeting you will get a confirmation call about the appointment.

we have given a sample appointment letter written by an individual to request an appointment to see a cardiac specialist in a medical center.

Sample Appointment Request Letter:

Mr. Roger Gerry
87, Mall Avenues
4676, Midland Lane,

Oland YYU 5657

Dr. Edwin Wilson,

Head Optician
Oland University hospital
Oland YYU 5657

13 May, 2014

Subject: Request for cardiac check-up appointment

Dear Dr. Wilson

I am writing this to request an appointment to be seen by you in the Oland University hospital. I have been suffering with minor chest pain since last month.

I have consulted with my regular physician. However I am currently not satisfied with the treatment. He has suggested me to fix an appointment with you as he is suspecting some serious cardiac problem.

I am facing a lot of problem nowadays, you are my hope. I am now just interested in knowing what is the underlying problem to my regular chest pain.

Kindly provide me some time as I am very much concern. Though I know there is a long waiting list, yours positive reply in the form of a recent appointment is anticipated.

Thank you in advance for consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Roger Gerry

Given Below are a few appointment letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Sales Appointment Letter
Providing an appointment letter to the selected candidate is the next step after the offer letter. This is normally taken care by the human resource department of an organization.

Cancel Appointment Letter
A formal letter written to cancel an appointment is usually addressed directly to the person with whom the appointment has been made.

Appointment Thank You Letter
Appointment thank you letter is a formal letter written to express gratitude after an appointment is made. You can send this letter from a company or after a successful meeting with someone.

Appointment Letter Draft Template
Sample Appointment letter is the simplest layout of a letter to remind client/employer or others about a certain appointment that has been discussed and agreed upon in the past.

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