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Tips to Write an Appointment Letter Draft

  • Write your letter of appointment in a clear and easy language.
  • Use professional font and font size to make it readable.
  • Directly address the person to whom you are making an appointment.
  • Begin the letter with a proper salutation like as dear followed by the name of the person.
  • Mention about the date and time of appointment.
  • Do not forget to mention all your contact details including your address, phone number and email id for any communication.
  • Mention the procedure of the cancellation of appointments with an additional sentence about why the appointment is important.
  • Always remember to proofread the letter after drafting it.
  • Include correct appointment details to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • It should be signed by a higher authority after the gracious closure.
  • Keep a copy of the same in any file for future reference.

It is anticipated that with this letter sample your letter drafting will become easy.

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