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Sales Appointment Letter

Providing an appointment letter to the selected candidate is the next step after the offer letter. This is normally taken care by the human resource department of an organization. Fundamentally, it is a legal document that plays the role of a written confirmation that an organization has decided to appoint a candidate and that the candidate has agreed to work for the organization.

Such letter includes a written contract of employment to the selected employee. The appointment letter ensures that the terms of the employment are properly communicated.

Sample Sales Appointment Letter

Mr. Loren Martin,
Manager Recruitment,
Redeem Industries,
5665, Ball Lane,
Maestro 445798

Ms. Jasmine Sealer,
657, Feather Avenues,

Misdeal lane, 57575,

Maestro 445798

13 May, 2014

Subject: Appointment Letter for Sales Manager

Dear Ms Sealer,

I am very pleased to inform you that you have been appointed in Redeem Industries, as a Sales Manager in our Sales & Marketing Department from 01 February 2014. We consider that you will be a fine addition to our sales team. As discussed over interview, you will be appointed as a full-time employee with starting salary of $0000.

We look forward to a mutually rewarding employment experience for you at Redeem Industries. It is our anticipation that you will find this position exciting and rewarding.

You will be required to sign a Company Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreement, which is enclosed with the attached commission schedule. To confirm your acceptance of this offer, please return a signed copy of the same.

If you have any question regarding this offer, kindly contact me.

Accept our congratulations.

With best wishes and regards,

Mr. Loren Martin,
Manager Recruitment

Given Below are a few appointment letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Cancel Appointment Letter
A formal letter written to cancel an appointment is usually addressed directly to the person with whom the appointment has been made.

Appointment Thank You Letter
Appointment thank you letter is a formal letter written to express gratitude after an appointment is made. You can send this letter from a company or after a successful meeting with someone.

Appointment Request Letter
Appointment request letters are helpful while discussing highly sensitive information only with the concern person.

Appointment Letter Draft Template
Sample Appointment letter is the simplest layout of a letter to remind client/employer or others about a certain appointment that has been discussed and agreed upon in the past.

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