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Private Company Job Appointment Letter Format

Private Company Job Appointment Letter Format, Simple Appointment Letter sample

Whenever a private company recruits a new candidate, the confirmation is send through a basic appointment letter. This job appointment letter for new employee work as his or her joining letter which contains all terms and conditions in relation with the employment. Appointment letters for different profiles are drafted by the HR department.

We have come up with a simple appointment letter sample for private companies. Use this as appointment letter format for accountant, marketing executive, sales personnel and various other profiles depending upon your need as these templates can be customized subject to requirements.

Sample Format for Private Company Appointment Letter


Richard Brown
HR Manager
Hi-Tech Software Ltd.
New York

Date: 03.07.18


Mr. Jonathan Myres
54- B, St. Augustus Street
New York

Sub: Appointment Letter for Senior Software Developer

Dear Mr. Jonathan Myres,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the profile of “Senior Software Developer” based on the results of interviews conducted on June 11th, 2018.  Listed below are the terms and conditions of the employment as agreed upon:

  1. The appointment with our organization is effective from the date of joining i.e. July 1st, 2018.
  2. The complete description of your salary and other allowances is stated in Annexure A that is enclosed with the letter.
  3. Complete job description along with roles and responsibilities for your profile has been mentioned in detail in Annexure B that in enclosed with the letter.
  4. You will be on three month probation with the company. The duration of probation can be revised on the discretion of Management depending upon your performance. During this period, you are not entitled for any paid leaves. And if any party wishes to call off this contract then it has to be done with a notice period of 7 days.
  5. Once you have successfully completed probation, your permanent employment will be confirmed formally in writing via appointment letter. You will then be entitled for various other benefits as the employee of the company which will be mentioned in detailed in the letter.
  6. Any increment in salary or rewards will be based on the performance parameters defined by the company and your performance will be measured against those parameters.
  7. In case you are absent from work without any prior information then you will be entitled for loss of pay. Moreover, if you are absent from work without information for more than four times in a year, Management will have the discretionary power to take an action against you.
  8. During your period of employment, you will have to maintain complete secrecy on projects you will be working on, about clients and the company. Any confidential information shall not be shared with anyone from outside your team or department. Sharing of confidential information outside the company will be considered as a criminal offense.
  9. You will have to update your knowledge by going for refreshers’ courses to hone your skills, the fee for which will be born by the Company.

If you agree with these terms and conditions then please submit your acceptance by sending a confirmation. Just sign and send the duplicate copy to us.

We will look forward to work with you.

Best Regards,

Richard Brown
HR Manager
Hi-Tech Software Ltd.

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