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Missing You Romantic Letter

There are times when you are not with the person you love the most and you are missing him or her like crazy. This is the time when you can write missing you romantic letters to your beloved to express your feelings and talk about the sweet pain that you could feel inside your heart because of this distance that is keeping you apart. Such kind of a letter is the best way to convey these sentiments to your lover and tell him that how incomplete you feel in his or her absence. Tell them that without their presence, your life feels meaningless and difficult.

Here is an example sample to help you frame a beautiful missing you romantic letter addressing your sweetheart who is far away from you and it is extremely difficult for you to spend your life without his or her presence. Use this template as reference for creating your personalized letter.

Romantic Missing You Letter Sample


New York

My sweetheart,

I have always wondered about the kind of bonds couples shared. It all seemed unreal to me until I myself experienced those feelings for you. It is actually strange that despite being so far from each other, our hearts are so full of love for each other. Each and every moment that I am spending away from you seems like a challenge. My life does not seem the same to me anymore as everything has changed for me, thanks to your love.

I don’t know how should I express my sentiments and feelings to you to explain how much painful it is for me to stay away from you. My heart feels so heavy and I fail to focus on anything else expect you. The only thing that brings me some relief during this phase of pain is the beautiful memories of the most precious moments we had spent together. Those memories bring smile to my face as I feel you are somewhere around me. There is no fun, no thrill in my life without you. I feel miserable in your absence. I am unable to sleep at night because all that I am doing is thinking about you.

The only hope that keeps me going is that soon this distance is going to vanish and again we will be together, and this time for life. Looking forward to meet to at the earliest.

I miss you a lot.


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