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Promotion Recommendation Letter

A promotion recommendation letter is written to recommend an employee for the promotion of his post within a certain company. This letter is addressed to the management team of a company to promote the concerned employee. An employee who holds a good position in the company can write this promotion recommendation letter. Through the letter, the writer must present the concerned employee’s performance and skills to justify his/her recommendation.

Here in the example, a senior executive officer writes this letter to recommend an employee’ promotion who deserve the project manager post as per his view.

Promotion Recommendation Letter Example


Joseph D. Gove

Senior Executive Officer

Matrix Solution

1568 Southside Lane

Los Angeles, CA 90071

January 28, 2014


Michelle T. Nishida


Matrix Solution

1568 Southside Lane

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Dear Ms. Nishida,

I would like to offer a promotion recommendation for Mr. Joseph Lee who has been a loyal employee of our company. At present, he is working as a senior of the Matrix Solutions, San Diego Branch, but as per my view, he is enough knowledgeable to handle the post of project manager.

If you evaluate his professional journey with us, you can understand how much he is efficient for the post. At the beginning, he joined as a tech support, but he gained his knowledge and skill and included himself in the list of senior engineer team. He showed his incredible knowledge in his field and acquired a position as a team leader. His leadership quality has everything that makes him the most desirable candidate for the post.

I recommend him for the stated position in our company, hope you think over the matter at your earliest.

Truly yours,

Joseph D. Gove

Senior Executive Officer

Given Below are a few Promotion Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Promotion Letter to Manager
A promotion letter to manager is written to inform an employee about his/her promotion to the managerial post.

Sales Promotion Letter
A sales promotion letter is written to promote the products or services of a company.

Job Promotion Letter
A job promotion letter, as its name says, it is written to congratulate one for being promoted to a new role within an organization.

Business Promotion Letter
A company or an organization writes this business promotion letter to its employee in order to inform his/her promotion.

Promotion Letter for Employee
Promotion letter for employee is an official document issued by an organization to declare the promotion of a particular employee formally.

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