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Business Promotion Letter

A company or an organization writes this business promotion letter to its employee in order to inform his/her promotion. As it carries good news, the tone of the letter should be lighter and encouraging. The letter format should justify the mood of presenting the news. Apart from giving this, the letter should give the details about the new position and the new responsibility so that the concerned employee does not face any further problem. Every employee is waiting for such a day where he/she is promoted in the company so the letter should take care of the mood.

In the letter example, a company writes this promotion letter to an employee to inform about his promotion.

Business Promotion Letter Format


Miranda Daniels,

Thangier Industries,

5544, Jung Highway,

Hopebs, LG 3323


Cecilia Thomson,

43475, Klinn Crescent,

52346, Littleton Road,

Luhansk, UK

17th November 2014.

Dear Cecilia,


On behalf of the management team of Thangier Industries, I am pleased to inform you that you have been promoted to a new role of the senior supervisor. The company decides this because of your hard work and dedication that you have shown. All details of the post will be given to you next Tuesday and I would congratulate you for this success and hope you will achieve more in the future.

As you know, new responsibility comes with big roles so give your best to justify it. The management board will also be happy seeing your performance and hard work.

I wish you best of luck in your future.

Yours sincerely,

Miranda Daniels,

Priviledge Committee,

Thangier Industries.

Given Below are a few Promotion Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Letter of Intent for Promotion
A letter of intent for promotion is written to make a company’s management aware about an employee’s desire to be promoted to a certain post.

Promotion Recommendation Letter
A promotion recommendation letter is written to recommend an employee for the promotion of his post within a certain company.

Product Promotion Letter
A product promotion letter is an effective tool of marketing that helps to promote any product to the customer and its clients in an attractive way.

Promotion Thank You Letter
A promotion thank you letter is written after getting promoted to a new post.

Promotion Request Letter
A promotion request letter, as its name says, it is a written request for a promotion to the management team of a company or an organization.

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