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How to Write a Promotion Acceptance Letter with Example

A promotion acceptance letter is written from the employee side to inform the management team that he/she accepts the promotion, offered by the management team. The letter is produced in respect of one’s promotion to inform that he/she gladly accepts this as every employee wants to be promoted in the work life. You can write about your emotion to get this opportunity and can assure the concerned team about your hard work and dedication to the new role. Above all, you need to write it in a beautiful way as it carries a good news of your professional life.

Tips to Write a Promotion Acceptance Letter :-

To write a promotion acceptance letter, you need to present your skills that suit the offered role in a true way. You can follow the tips to make an effective letter.

  • Write your letter in a formal way as you are communicating professionally with your employer.
  • The tone of the letter should be delighting one as you are writing to accept your promotion which everybody wants in the working life.
  • Mention the name of the promoted post in the letter because you have to present your skills accordingly.
  • Give a note of thanks to your recruiter for offering such thing to reward your hard work and dedication.
  • Assure your reader that you will leave no corner of dissatisfaction and improve your skills to justify the new role.
  • Conclude your letter professionally with maintaining the proper emotion for this writing.

Here in the example stated below, an employee writes this letter to concerned depart of his company to inform them about his acceptance of the promotion to the post of transport manager.

Promotion Acceptance Letter Sample


Ms. Agnes Himmes,

Transport Department,

Ferunayo Industries,

47473, Milers Lane,

Geraw, MN 4874


Mr. Jude Hiddith,

Chief Executive Officer,

Ferunayo Industries,

47473, Milers Lane,

Geraw, MN 4874

26th November 2014.

Dear Sir,


I would like to thank you for my promotion. I write this letter with the sense of joy and happiness for offering such a promotion to the post of Chief Transport Officer of this great organization. I gladly accept this and it is the best reward for me.

This news surprises me and it encourages me as well to give the best in the coming years that will prove beneficial for the company. Thank you for considering me for this post and I will never let you down regarding your decision.

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Agnes Himmes,

Chief Transport Officer,

Ferunayo Industries.

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