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Recommendation Letter for Student

A recommendation letter for student is made for helping a student by recommending various courses, guidance and many other things. Generally, the letter is written as per the students’ requirements that mean the person who writes this letter recommending someone to help a student in his own field of queries. That is why the introduction of the writer and his recommended person should be explained in a clear way according to the need of the student. It also explains why the recommendation is made and gives a complete detail of the recommended fields.

Here in the example, a teacher writes this letter to a student in order to recommend a science teacher who gives home tuition for him.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Student


Greg Fredrick
Henry Ford School
W-78, second street, Marks square

Date: 17th June 2012

Subject: recommendation letter

Dear Greg

I would like to recommend you a science home tuition for your studies. I, Tim Markson, a science teacher of Potter’s international, write this letter to recommend Jackson Andrews for your science guidance.

Mr. Jackson is in the home tuition for the 7 years and teaches the student of 8th, 9th and 10th standard. He is extremely talented person in his field and believes in clearing the concept rather than giving bookish information. He charges $25 per hours and his dedication to the work makes him popular among the student.

I personally know him as we together started teaching from the same educational institution, but due to his passion to the home tuition, he left his job and since then, he has been helping many students out of the complexity of science. I am sure he will help you. You can contact him over phone and his ph no. is 47039473904.

Yours well wisher

Tim Markson

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