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Graduate School Recommendation Letter

A graduate school recommendation letter is written to recommend a student for the higher study. The person who is writing this letter should hold a good position in the respected field so that the concerned authority approves this recommendation letter. The student for which the letter is written should have a good academic qualification and every detail is mentioned in the letter that make him desirable candidate for the post. Many educational institutions have rules to accept admission of the student on the basis of recommendation letter so this letter should be handled with a great care.

Here in the example, an individual writes this letter to recommend a student for pursuing Engineering in a university.

Sample Graduate School Recommendation Letter


Eddie A. Beaudry
4115 Elk Avenue
Lansing, MI 48933

November 22, 2015


Kelly A. Williams
1765 Sundown Lane
Austin, TX 78748

Dear Madam,

Ref: Graduate School Recommendation letter for an eligible student

I, an alumnus of Miami University, write this letter to recommend Mr. Steve for continuing his further study from your university. As per your rule, you need 2 to 3 recommendation letter along with a great academic qualification of the recommended student. I write this letter for Mr. Steve as he is a desire candidate to pursue his engineering studies from your university.

He got 95% marks on the school exam and for the entrance, he scored 97% which proves his qualification. After reviewing every detail, I make this recommendation for him.

I am sure he will do the best in the future and that is why I am writing this letter. Hope the detail is enough for proving his academic performance.

Thanking You


Eddie A. Beaudry

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