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Recommendation Letter for Teacher

Recommendation letter for teacher is written to recommend a student who seeks guidance in his own field of queries. The recommendation is for the teacher in order to guide the student in a specific subject of interest. The letter should give the details of the recommended student, especially his educational background so that the concerned teacher can understand that recommended student can raise the standard of his coaching. One should give an assurance to the teacher about the student’s educational performance so that the letter might get approved easily.

Here in the example, an English teacher of a renowned school writes this letter to recommend a student for the mathematic tuition to a teacher.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Teacher


Greg Timothy
Senior Mathematics teacher
St. Xavier’s School
A-23, Tim Street, Red lane,

Date: 2nd Jan 2015

Subject: recommendation letter for Fredrick Mathews

Respected Mr. Greg

I, David Pattinson, the English Teacher working at St. Peters School, London, would like to recommend Fredrick Mathews for the mathematic tuition for your home tuition batch. He is studying at St. Peters School and has been my student for the three years. His hard work always brings good marks in the exam and his rank is very good too. Now, he is in the 9th standard and he needs a guidance in mathematic to improve his scores in the subject.

His academic background leaves no corner of doubt and I assure you that he never lets you down. He is brilliant in mathematic but due to the poor health of our math teacher in the school, the math classes become irregular; that is why I am writing this recommendation letter.

I hope you consider my request.

Your friend,

David Pattinson

Given Below are a few Recommendation Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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