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Recommendation Letter from Employer

Recommendation letter from employer is an official letter to provide reference to some of the good employee of the organization. It is also commonly known as a reference letter. If an employee plans to leave the organization on good terms and with a valid reason, he may request for a recommendation letter to human resource department or with his immediate boss or the head of department.

The best letters are both demonstrative and sincere in nature. It also covers the logical ability, experience level, organizational skills, consistency, and ability to work as a team player or team leader. It makes the job search easier for the employee. There are several templates of such letter are available but a generic letter never get a successful response.

Sample Recommendation Letter from Employer


Mr. Ben Clark

Manager Human Resource

Grayson Company

2 Versed Square

567 Nevada, US


Mr. Edwin Venn

Manager Human Resource

Berks Industries

78 Orchard Streets

California 4657

Date: 3 July, 2014

Subject: Recommendation of an employee

Dear Mr. Venn,

This is to inform you that Ms. Charlotte Ken was one of the most commendable employees of

Grayson Company. She was Manager Finance since March 2013. She has secured an outstanding position in the company. She was not only very much skilled in his work but also very enthusiastic in handling the complex financial deals.

She has a great leadership quality. She was handling a team of 30 professionals efficiently. She was also reliable in individual project handling. She was a valuable and productive team player of our company. This is a sad moment for us to lose such a competent employee but she is moving to California after her marriage.

I would like to recommend her to Berks Industries with a confidence that she will become a productive asset for your company. Kindly contact me on my contact number in case you need further clarifications. Thank you for your consideration.


Ben Clark

Manager Human Resource

Grayson Company

Given Below are a few Recommendation Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A graduate school recommendation letter is written to recommend a student for the higher study.

Recommendation Letter for Student
A recommendation letter for student is made for helping a student by recommending various courses.

Recommendation Letter for Teacher
Recommendation letter for teacher is written to recommend a student who seeks guidance.

MBA Recommendation Letter
An MBA recommendation letter is written to recommend an individual for pursuing MBA.

College Recommendation Letter
Recommendation letters are used in many fields and one of them is educational purpose.

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