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Tips for Writing an Introduction Letter to Customer

To write an introduction letter to customer, one needs to be well acquainted with the subject and the purpose of writing. For effective letter writing, follow the tips given below.

  • You should draft your thoughts in a formal letter style as you are communicating with your customer professionally.
  • You can express your joy to inform this good news that makes your customer task easier.
  • Explain the new service or the information in a descriptive way and include that how it helps you the reader.
  • If this letter is about opening a new branch, then explain it in a manner that can be helpful for the reader. You should mention the address of the new branch.
  • Do not give detailed information and leave a space for your reader to know your services.
  • Present your thoughts in such a way that make an appeal before your reader and it drives the concerned person to think about what you propose in your letter.
  • Close your letter that it looks like you are welcoming the reader to go through a trial of your services.
  • Note of thanks is an important that you should need to include.

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