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Character Reference Letter for Parent Seeking Child Custody

Character Reference Letter for Court Child Custody
Character Reference Letter for Court Sample

Character Reference Letter Template: If you are seeking the custody of your child then you have to have a character reference letter for child custody as it is an important document in this whole process. The Character Reference Letter Template is a document that can be used for providing the description of the personality of the parent for the judge or court. The whole purpose of the sample letter to judge for child custody is to highlight the relationship between the parent and the child.

In this post, we have come up with a Child Custody Reference Letter example that can be used for creating a personalized letter.

Character Reference Letter For Child Custody Template, Example


Bell Brown

54, Anthony Road,


Date: May 05, 2022


The Honorable Joseph Gibbs

Judge of California Court


Respected Sir,

I, Bell Brown, am writing this letter in reference to the custody case no. 12345 between Mathew Smith and Ana Smith. I believe that Ana Shaw should receive the custody of both the children that are involved in this case. And therefore, I am writing this letter to support my point.

I have been friends with the Smith family for over a decade and for all these years, I have witnessed both the parents taking care of their children in their own ways and in their subjective capacities. Though both the parents are important for children but I think that Ana Smith is the parent who is certainly the best for both the kids considering the present situation.

Ana Smith is a strong woman who has always been very patient and understanding with her children. She is full of love and concern for both of them that she has always been there for her kids during all the challenging times. Moreover, she is financially independent and is capable of taking care of her children all by herself. All these years, she has been a responsible mother which makes her a perfect parent to her kids.

I would like to consider the points that I have highlighted in this letter about her character before taking a decision on the custody of both the children.

Thanking you.


Bell Brown

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