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Adoption Reference Letter

An adaptation reference letter is made by an authority that takes care of children and the letter is produced at the time of adopting a child from the concerned child care center. Before the adoption of a child, there are certain rules and giving the details about the child is such a thing that should be maintained with a great care. Generally, the letter deals with the every detail of the adopted child, including his/her background, behavioral qualities and hobbies. So the party should have the details about the child and that is also needed to avoid further confusion.

Here in the example, an orphanage writes this letter to a party in order to give the details of the concerned child in the adaptation process.

Adoption Reference Letter Example


Barbara Sanders
Home Director
Happy Homes Orphanage
4806 Brooklyn Street
Lakeview, OR 97630

January 28, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Adoption Reference for Mia Holly

I am writing this letter in reference of an adaptation of Mia Holi who is a 7 year old resident of Happy Home Orphanage. She came to the orphanage after losing her parents in 2008 earthquake in the New Orleans. Since then, no one has come here to ask about her.

Though she is 7 years, but working as a big sister of the other child in the orphanage. She has a great interest in artistic works and she loves singing too. She thinks about other children and do not mind to give her own thing to make other happy. It is a blessing for any home to have a child like Mia Holi, who understands the things more than her age.

Respectfully yours,

Barbara Sanders

Home Director

Happy Homes Orphanage

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