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Reference Letter for Student

A reference letter for student is written to refer a student for a certain post of a company on the basis of his/her academic performances. Generally an educational authority of a student writes this letter on behalf the student whose name is recommended for the post. The person who writes this letter should introduce properly in accordance with the relation of the concerned student. The letter should explain the qualities of the student so that the recommendation seems reasonable and can be approved by the concerned department.

Here in the example, a professor writes this letter to refer his student’s name for the post of assistant project engineer in the company.

Sample Reference Letter for Student


Concetta P. Thomas
2868 Saint Francis Way
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Mark A. Rodriguez
HYNU Construction
2903 Jerry Toth Drive
Cooper Landing, AK 99572

November 18, 2015

Ref: Referring Mr. Alfredo J. Denker for the post of Assistant Project Engineer

Dear Mr. Mark A. Rodriguez,

I would like to recommend Mr. Alfredo J. Denker for the post of Assistant Project Engineer in your company. Being the professor, I observed his skills and talents very closely and I know him for the four years, which is enough to make an assessment for a student. I had been his professor in the subjects of mechanic, algebra, strength of materials and construction management. After assessing him, I should mention that he is a brilliant student in construction management and his creative idea makes him extraordinary from others.

He also very good in social skills and have proved himself a great team player during his course. I gladly recommend his name for your company as I know his capabilities perfectly match with your requirement criteria. I assure you that he can be an asset of your company.

Feel free to ask anything about him.

Thanking you,

Concetta P. Thomas

Given Below are a few Reference Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A company reference letter, as its name says, is written to make a reference.

Adoption Reference Letter
An adaptation reference letter is made by an authority that takes care of children.

Bank Reference Letter
A bank reference letter is issued from the bank to inform about your account details.

Reference Letter for Teacher
A reference letter for teacher, as its name says, is written to make a recommendation.

Character Reference Letter
Character reference letter is a formal letter written to provide an illustration.

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