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Donation Letter Writing Tips

Donation letters are formal request letters for donation. It appeals the reader for charity in a professional way. It is most likely written by the head, chairperson or the other authorized person of the NGO, non-profitable organizations or foundations working to serve the mankind. These institutions depend on the funding of business organizations, corporate houses or the rich and influential elites of the society. You can contact numerous potential donors with this letter by sparing easy attempts and least monetary investment. You can write it for some religious cause, school or education of underprivileged children, health issues or it could be some social affair.

You can take it as marketing technique for the benefit of the underprivileged or for some other noble cause. A generic letter can never give you the desired result. Though, you can get some idea with the samples and nonspecific examples of such letters.  Draft it according to your own requirement with the help of some useful instructions of letter writing. Follow the given writing tips to draft an informative and effective donation letter.

Format and language:

  • Compose it on your official letterhead to make this correspondence authentic and professional.
  • Follow the standard format of business letter writing as this is a formal piece of writing.
  • Keep the tone of the letter very humble and sincere.
  • Make it emotion but not overdramatizing.
  • Draft a motivational and persuasive note without adopting a pleading manner.
  • Pen down in away to make it honest and authentic.

Opening paragraph:

  • Introduce your organization with a short description of the work you do under this.
  • State the purpose of writing. It is always best to present your expectation apparent right from the start. It will be of great use to come straight to the point and request the reader for the donation directly.

Second paragraph:

  • You have already introduced your organization and its work. You have mentioned your purpose of writing that is request for donation. Now in the second paragraph you have an opportunity to provide some details regarding above mentioned points.
  • Discuss your cause and requirements specifically.
  • Here you can mention some of your remarkable works, awards and allocations to prove your credibility.
  • Share a short anecdote to give a personal touch. The only rule which is supposed to be followed is, do not exaggerate the matter. The entire content should fit in this paragraph.
  • If you have more stories or information to share, you can attach some documents as enclosure with your donation letter.

Third paragraph:

  • Provide a clear idea for the donation amount. Explain it clearly in what forms you are expecting the donation for instance, clearly mentions that you have required, monetary help or in kind.
  • And of course, let donors know what the money they donate will be used for.
  • Do not forget to thank the recipient in the end. You can appreciate the reader in advance for his support in the last paragraph. Always close it with some positive and persuasive lines.

Given Below are a few donation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Donation Request Letter for Cancer Patients
Donation Letter for Flood Victims
Donation Letter for a Sick Person
School Donation Request Letter Template

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